Body scrubs are lovely products that fit right into any routine – and then they’re totally forgotten the second you’re running late. But, hear us out: they smell amazing, don’t take a lot of time and the benefits outweigh the few extra seconds it takes to make it happen. And here, on this very page, we’re breaking down our top six reasons we keep body scrubs on hand. Take notes, because you’re about to fall in love.

1. They’re super easy. Like, only a few minutes super easy. You don’t even need to use them every day…one to two days more than enough. In just three steps, you’re done:
Step one: grab your favorite body scrub or pick out a new one.
Step two: hop in the shower and scrub in a circular motion for 30 seconds in each area.
Step three: rinse off and enjoy smooth skin.

2. They’re super pampering. The fragrance, the feel, how soft and smooth they leave your skin after…body scrubs are the peak of luxury and TLC. They’re a great way to start the day or the perfect way to relax at the end of a hard day (almost like you’re scrubbing away negative vibes). Basically, these goodies are great anytime. Plus, so many body scrubs have good-for-you ingredients, like moisturizing vitamin E, which smooth and soften your skin. How to spoil yourself to the max: pair a body scrub with a bubble bath, a great podcast and a glass of your favorite drink.

3. They’re super refreshing. Whenever you need a fresh start or a change in mood, body scrubs have your back – no matter the time, season or reason. Using a clean and floral body scrub is a refreshing way to chill and escape the summer heat and a little exfoliation feels especially important when you’re battling the dryness of winter-skin. And when you need a bit of holiday de-stressing our Eucalyptus Spearmint sugar scrub brings peace and tranquility. P.S. we love pairing this with a matching lotions, candles and pillow mists to keep stress relief going past the holidays.

4. They have limitless possibilities. And endless options for both the fragrance and blend. Generally speaking, the difference between body scrubs, aside from the fragrances, are the elements in the mix. Ingredients like clay, sugar, salt and sand are super common. The combinations are infinite and we're totally living for our sugar-based goodies – they’re a sweet way to exfoliate. Of course, some blends that have ingredients, like sand, are coarser than a creamy base, so if you have sensitive skin: look for a gentle exfoliator. No skin issues? Cool, your only tough choice is picking a fragrance (or three) to try.

Speaking of fragrance, body scrubs come in so many scents that you can basically take your mind on a trip while you’re in the shower. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with a beachy and fruity scrub. Head off to the ski slopes with a snowy winter blend. Take a stroll through a garden with a clean, floral scent. And get hyped for sweater weather with a spicy fall fragrance. We’re so ready a staycation.

5. They get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. Goodbye, flakey skin and clogged pores. Exfoliating removes rough skin cells that have been building up on your body, revealing a fresh, clean layer of super-smooth skin. Remember to scrub in gentle, circular motions for about 30 seconds in each section. Exfoliating regularly can help promote skin cell regrowth, reduce the signs of wrinkles and keep your skin super soft. Talk about a triple treat.

6. They help your other products work better. With layers of dirt, grime and dead skin out of the way, your body care products should have less layers to go through before soaking into your skin – making your body lotions, body creams, body oils, shower gels and body washes. It’s the true definition of getting your products to work smarter, not harder.

We could totally go on, but you need to experience it IRL. Shop body scrubs and try a few for yourself.